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Why is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, composed of fibrous bundles. Once milled, microscopic fibres are produced, allowing them to be inhaled into the deep lung recesses. At this level, if people are exposed to the fibres, there is a high potential for asbestos related lung disease to occur.

The use of asbestos (and its related health hazards) can be traced back to Roman times. In Australia, its use as a cheap housing product, commonly called ‘fibro’, expanded significantly during the 1960’s and 70’s. It was also used to in an immense array of construction and other products – piping, insulation, roofing, strengthening plastics and cement, boilers, as sound insulation, woven textiles, to name only a few of its uses. Imported products are still sources of health concerns. Asbestos containing materials have been found in imported tiles, and in the US, in children’s toys.

Industrial Health Matters helps you recognise and manage asbestos-related health hazards through:

• Asbestos surveys
• Asbestos identification and sample testing.
• Developing asbestos management plans and asbestos registers.
• Asbestos risk control solutions.
• Establishing or reviewing asbestos removal plans.
• Management of asbestos removal.
• Asbestos air monitoring and sampling.

Asbestos inspections in your home

If you are renovating or even demolishing your home, as part of your  Development Application (DA), the  local council may require an asbestos inspection before giving you a Construction Certificate. IHM can quickly and affordably provide you with the appropriate report.

All asbestos samples are tested by NATA accredited laboratories, with fast turnaround times.

We can issue an asbestos clearance report (also known as an asbestos clearance certificate) which confirms that visible asbestos has  been removed from premises.